Preparation of the meeting in Lithuania: june 20-22, 2011

Reminding of the share of tasks between the partners of the MAMA project, for the next meeting in Lithuania:

Partner of Lithuania                                                                                                              The partner of Lithuania is the host partner. They have the following tasks:

-send practical informations about the visit, to all partners (arriving time, transport  possibilities, hotel…)                                                                                                                                                                         -send planning and programme of the visit, to all partners

During the visit, the partner of Lithuania is also responsible for the minutes of the meeting (report of the meeting), that he has to collect and to share with all partners after the meeting.

Partner of Poland                                                                                                                     The partner of Poland will be responsible for the evaluation of the project. They have to get from Lithuania right in time the planning of the visit in order to prepare the evaluation.

Partner of Estonia                                                                                                                       The partner of Estonia will be responsible during the visit for our catalogue of ideas (one of the results of the project): They will have to collect all news creative ideas about working methods, during the workshops and the discussions.

Partner of Germany                                                                                                                   The partner and coordinator of Germany will be responsible for the film project and video documentation of the meeting, exchanges, discussions and the creative work we will realise together during this meeting.

Partner of Portugal                                                                                                                The partner of Portugal will be the artistic directors of our end-performance project: During the meeting they will have to evaluate the work realised during the workshop and to take the ideas or working methods which can be used for our end-performance project in Madeira, in May 2012.


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