Preparation workshop in Lithuania: “Voices, music and singing circles”

During our next meeting in Lithuania, we will make a workshop with all partners and target groups, in order to discover some new creative working methods and tolls that can be used in different contexts.

The focus of the workshop in Lithuania will be about “voices, music and singing circles”. At first we will observe how our partner work and use these techniques, we will experiment some different kind of work and exercices in order to developp the creative potentiality in a group. We will also be able to developp some innovative ideas and to enlarge some working concepts through propositions, discussions and exchanges between the whole group.

Hier the partners fo the project can begin to exchange about their expectations for this workshop,  or write about a special kind of work to propose with “voices, musik and singing circles”, or just share some original creative ideas.


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4 Responses to Preparation workshop in Lithuania: “Voices, music and singing circles”

  1. Heli says:

    Hello Lithuania!

    Can You, please, give us some hints about Your everyday work (with Your clients) in the field of “voices, music and singing circles”.
    Will we make some music during the workshop? Do You have some instruments or must we take something with us? Or will we just choose the music for our performance? What can we offer to You for the workshop?

    With best,

  2. Simona says:

    Dear heli and the other partners,

    our organization have all instuments. We are planing to include you to music therapy and to show you how it works. Also our clients are going to sing with you some songs. We are planing to show you the best our music and the best singers from our oranization. Then we can choose music for our performance. But if you want to change something please let me know.

  3. Hello partners,
    Well, it looks good. I think we have a kind of “plan” for this next workshop:
    -As Simonna said, we could make together (partner + target groups) in a first part of the program a workshop about music therapy, where we will see diferent kind of exercices in this field.
    -In a second part we experiment something with the voice, songs and singing circle, exchanging between singers of the organisation, taget groups and partners.
    -In a third part I propose to have some exchanges and some openings about the work realised, to discuss about the exercices, eventually to propose some other ideas, and at last to decide what could be used in our last performance project.

    Have you some reactions about that?

  4. Heli says:

    Ok, it seems very interesting.
    it will be really nice to meet in Lithuania and work together!

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