Germany, 27 september 2011: Action-painting

The subject of the meeting in september in Germany was: “Body”, “Movement” and “Painting”

Action-Painting in the St. Elisabeth Church

The first activity took place in a beautifull old church of Berlin. The objective was to paint together a picture of the size of 6 X 4 meters, which represents a huge body. All the partners were present and persons with and without disabilities have participated. The afternoon begun with a physicall warm up leaded by the dancers of Portugal. At first we have moved in the space and on the floor, in relation with each other, making our body awake. Then we started to work with brushes and colors to paint on the big canvas, through 3 different steps:

1. step: “If you were a part of a body, what and where would you be ? Think about one part of the body, that you like or with what you could identify yourself.”

2.step: “Imagine now a second part of this body, that you would like to connect with your first part. Go and draw this other part.”

3. step: “Make connections between the diferent parts of this body, and the different elements of the drawing”.

Between each steps of the work, the group took a distance from the painting and everybody could look at the whole picture from above on the balcony inside the church.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos: Thomas Epping


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