UPCOMING: End-performance in Madeira, 11 and 12 may 2012

We are about to realise our end-performance project during our last meeting in  Madeira, in may 2012: It is going to be an interdisciplinary performance with disabled and non disabled performers, professional and not professionnal artists from all Europe: Dancers, musicians, singers, aerialist and video artists will perform together. On the stage there will also be some objects and creative works realised along the project in the different countries.

The partner of Portugal, the “Dancing with differences group”, is the leader of this performance and unique experience with participants and target groups from all partners´s countries. It is going to be a very intensive time for all of us, and a quite important event in Madeira.

The performance will takes place in the Theater “Centro das Artes Casa das Mudas” in Madeira, on the 11 may and 12 may, at 21h.

Germany has worked on some experimental videos about the different experiences made during the project. These videos will be projected on the stage during the performance.

Lithuania has works on some music pieces and songs.

Poland has worked with his target groups on objects and constructions for the stage.

Estonia has worked on a silk that will be shown on the stage and used for light projections.

-This performance won´t be possible without the very big work realised by our partner of Portugal,  for leading all the developpement of this common final creation:  The “Dancing with differences” group in Madeira made a great work to organise, coordinate, create and make possible this end-performance including all the partners and target groups.

We would like to thank them all very warmly for their engagement, their cooperative qualities, their flexibility, their ideas, their creativity, their incredible energy and especially for their precious collaboration to this project and its results.


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