DVD ma-ma project available

A double DVD of the project and its results has been produced by Sandie Brischler (project coordinator). These films relate the whole working process over 2 years (2010-2012), the several workshops and meetings between the diferent countries, the work on the final performance and the presentation of the performance in the theater “Centro das Artes” in Madeira, with the Dancing with differences group and all the partners and target groups of the project.

This DVD is a experimental, artistic documentary work about the project. It shows a huge panel of artistic tool and creative way of working with mix-ability groups. It can be used as pedagogic tool in several fields of work (education, artistic, social and therapeutic field…). This work and its development aims to give a new perspective of human relation and learning experiences.

This double DVD contains:

Endless performance, Madeira (75 min.)
Final Interviews with the partners (60 min.)
Interview with the public, theater “Centro das Artes” (4 min.)
Lithuania, music and songs (18 min.)
Germany, action painting (23 min.)
Poland, dance (42 min.)
Estonia, tissue and silk (25 min.)
Portugal, rehearsals of the final performance (50 min.)

For the persons who are interested to get this double DVD, please take a contact with art aspects by email:  info@art-aspects.de


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Project Coordinator
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