Berlin cooperations

“Coordination team” of the MAMA-Project: Here are the teachers, participating artists and groups in Berlin who work in cooperation with art aspects for the MAMA project:

Aurore Burnel                                                                       Shiatsu and body Therapist


Aurore Burnel works in Berlin as a shiatsu therapist and as body work specialist. Shiatsu is a form of bodywork which takes its roots in the ancient chinese medicine. Shiatsu is an art of silent communication between two or more persons. It is about listening with the hands in order to catch the messages sent from the patient’s body. It takes into account shapes, colour, smells and sounds, which all deliver precious information for the treatment, which develops everytime in a different manner, like a performance in a way. In this sense  shiatsu can also be used as a creative tool.

Aurore has also been practicing various martial arts, as well as dance, with a focus on
movements, communication and harmony. She enjoys exploring material and has
worked with metal and ceramics. She finally co-wrote and played two puppet
theater plays.

Klaudia Stoll                                                   Performance artist, art teacher

Klaudia Stoll works in Berlin and Germany as  a video and performance artist. She is also an art teacher for the Von Erlenbach art school. She leads in Germany since many years different kind of art and performance workshops for disabled people.


1993-99 Studies in New Artistic Media at the Academy of Fine Arts, Saarbrücken (Germany)
1997 Formation of the Artist duo Stoll & Wachall     1999 Diploma with honors / master student Prof. Ulrike Rosenbach
2001-06 Lecturer for “performance-art” at the Academy of Fine Arts, Saarbrückensince 2001 many creative workshops (drawing, video and performance)                                           1997 Grant awarded by the 7th Marl Video Award, Sculpture Museum Glaskasten/Marl,
Folgwang Museum Essen, Germany
2001 Award for outstanding graduates of HBK Saarbrücken, for the project “dream stereo”, exhibition and catalogue of the series STATEMENT, Stadtgalerie
2002 Audience Award, Saar Ferngas art price “Junge Kunst”
2003 Scholarship of Villa Massimo/Casa Baldi, Rome, Italy
2004 Grant awarded by the City of Saarbrücken, Germany
1st award of the SaarLorLux Film- and Videofestival
2006 “SAARSTIP! for Fine Arts”, a 1-year grant in Berlin                                                        2011 participated in „operare 11“ of the „Contemporary Opera Berlin“, winner project         of competion.

Roland Walter                                                                      Disabled performer

Roland Walter is a writer and a visual artist.  He is used to work mostly with photos and video.

He is also travelling in Europe to make some presentations and conferences about handicap and society. His main range of acticities are video- and Photo editoring, shooting and editoring videoclips, photography, website design and updating, giving presentations on the topics disability, society and politics, preaching on various topics. In Berlin he is also active in the field of dance and performance.


Biography:                                                                                                                                                 1972 – 1978:  Special School for Physically Handicapped Students in Arnstadt                   1978 – 1983:  POS Öhrenfeld (High School)                                                                                      1987 – 1989:  Learner as Skilled Worker, Economy, Businessman                                         1991 – 1997:  Completed several Tutorials with Graduation: Youth Group Leader, Editor,     webmaster                                                                                                                                          1986 – 1991:  organized and led camps for handicapped people with the ”Diakonisches Werk”                                                                                                                                                  1991 – 2001:  Member of the board of directors of the Association for handicapped people in Wanzleben                                                                                                                                          1993 – 2003:  Chairman of the INTRA working party of the CVJM National Association Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.                                                                                                                             1993 – 1999:  Editor for CVJM Haldensleben                                                                            1997 – 2003:  Member of the board of directors of the CVJM National Association               -since 2002:  Spokesperson for takers of assistance for ”ambulante dienste e.V. ”(Berlin)     -since 2003:  Member of the working party „Behinderung“ (”Handicap“) of the German Evangelical Alliance                                                                                                                                -since 2007:  Member of the board of directors of the ”Community of wheelchairers and pedestrians” (Berlin)                                                                                                                              -since 2009:  Active photographer                                                                                                      -since 2010:  Dancer, performing with the group„tanzfähig“ (Berlin)



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