The final objective of this project consists in a common performance project realised with some people of the target groups of all partners. We will all meet on the island of Madeire (Portugal), and realise this interdisciplinary performance project in cooperation with the group Dancing with Differences, our partner of Portugal.

It will be organised together with partners, artists and disabled people all along the project. The visits and workshop will be focused on the preparation of this last performance, and we will meet together in order to take some decisions concerning the implementation of this common creative project, regarding the target groups and the special decisions to take regarding the different artistic practices.

Dancing with differences Group (partner from Portugal) will be the artistic director and host of this performance project. Each partner will be responsible with his target group for one aspect of this performance:

Lithuania for the music and songs

Germany for visual art and video

Poland for stage and objects

Estonia for the costumes

This performance will take place on the 12th may 2012 at the end of the partnership, with all the partners and some learners from all the participating organisations.

Here you will be able to follow each steps of our work concerning the elaboration of this common artistic work together.

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