Innovative Ideas of work

Each meeting between the partners has been the occasion for an international exchange of practices and creative workshops. During this work and sharing of practice, our partner of Estonia (Poltsamaa art school) has collect some innovative ideas of working, that they would like to share on this blog.




(Collected and written by Heli Järv and the partners of Estonia)



Music therapy session

It is quite a simple way to conduct the music therapy session.

* The therapist chooses a song or an instrumental piece of music

* A group gets/selects different musical instruments (self-made sound-making things: castanets, rattlers, gurglings, trinkets, sleigh bells etc)

* The therapist sings and plays the music and conducts the „musicians“

* The therapist can choose some soloists or let somebody to sing solo parts

The music that sounds is very gripping and makes the participates to feel like real musicians.

There are different ways for creative approach.

Emotion room

Every organisation can evidently find at least one room where people can express their emotions. You can use some room on the ground floor, a remote room where you can throw colors, to feel free to make You “own” art.

You can use the room for singing in a loud voice, also.


Action painting

The objective is to paint together a picture of the size of 6 X 4 meters, which represents a huge body.

Persons with and without disabilities can participate in. The workshop begins with a physical warm up leaded by the dance teacher. At first You can move in the space and on the floor, in relation with each other, making our body awake. Then You start working with brushes and colors to paint on the big canvas, through 3 different steps:

1. step: “Imagine: if you were a part of a body, what and where would you be? Think about one part of the body, that you like or with what you could identify yourself.”

2. step: “Imagine now a second part of this body, that you would like to connect with your first part. Go and draw this other part.”

3. step: “Make connections between the different parts of this body, and the different elements of the drawing”.

Between each steps of the work, the group has to take a distance from the painting and everybody could look at the whole picture from above on the balcony or from some higher place inside the room.

Body drawing

This is the workshop about Body and Drawing. You need an art teacher to lead the workshop.

You begin the workshop with becoming aware about Your body, with sounds and voice. You have to make several drawing exercices on paper without non-verbale communication in a kind of meditative process with no thinking.

During the last part of the workshop each participant has to draw the contours of his own body in real size and to draw/paint the inside of it.


Glass workshop

In Estonian workshop the partners were asked to remind the first emotion they felt arriving in Estonia. Everyone had to think the colour of the feeling and the shape by what to express that.

You can choose any idea what You would like to express. Then You need a teachers help and different pieces of glass. Choose Your favourite colours and design Your glass composition. This workshop needs a glass kiln to melt the glass composition and get the final result.

Textiles workshop – meditative silk painting

You can use very different techniques for silk painting.

For this one You need silk material, a frame (made from wooden moldings), pins, silk painting colors, wax, iron.

* The workshop begins with a physical warm up, getting aware of Your body and forgetting Your everyday problems (like in Germany workshops, described above).

* You have to think out the graphic elements You want to apply on the silk (for wax paintings).

(As to the theme of our project we used the signs of crosses, barbed wires, crossroads and railways. You can paint and get rid of the hard things).

* The first layer of color has to be something light or colourful. You have to paint all of the textile with these colors using special brush. Take a deep breeth in and try to use long brush stokes and not to think about anything.

* After drying You can apply the wax layer. Use a big brush to convey the wax paintings on the silk material.

* Now – there is the time to apply some dark color. The figure made bu wax does not let the color to be absorbed in the textile.

* Finally, after drying, You must remove the wax. At he beginning try to remove it by Your fingers, then put some (news)paper in both sides of the material and start ironing. This makes the material waterproof.


Dance workshop

It is very important to have a good dance therapist leading this workshop. The atmosphere during the workshop has to be nice, joyful, open, and even if a most participants do not knew each other, everybody will dance and be capable to take part in the experience.

It is easy to get people to communicate with each other when moving around. During moving You have to greet every person You meet and look in his eye. The game introduces people to each other better than people working side by side during 3 years.

For the most of the participants and especially target groups, this kind of experience was the first one in their life. It was amazing to see the confidence, openness and freedom in the whole group. Everybody really enjoyed this moment together.


Dance workshop, side 2

The item talked about here can be considered either a good idea or just a precondition for any good teamwork:


to every person and every culture.

There was a big group of dancers who worked together in Funchal, Madeira and had to prepare for the final performance in a very short time. The only possible way to get a good result in such conditions was to have a good dance teacher. We had a really good teacher – Henrique Amoedo who could manage with people of different age, nationality and social groups. He did not need a loud voice to organize things. He started the workshop just putting the people sit down in a circle.

And every person took the repetition very seriously and gave his best to the whole process.

Here is the idea – if  You want to be good in something You have first to change Your way of thinking, change Your own world. If You can respect Yourself , You can love and feel respect to the other people also. And everything gets possible.

That is may be the main lesson we have got from our project.

Thank You everybody for being such a nice team!


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