Which impact?


  •   For disabled persons

-The participation to the activities of the international meetings will motivate an active citizenship, an intercultural consciousness and the social skills will be developed.

-Awareness of the own creative potentiality, self confidence, self-worth and individual artistic capacity.

-Emphasizing of the person, social motivation and acquisition of competences, techniques and tools to create and to develop the personality.

-Influences the building of emotional, ethic and aesthetic values not only with  the target group, but also with the leaders of the activities.

-Creative learning process regarding the handicap, can change a prejudice into a quality: handicapped persons can also be helpful and rewarding for other persons, reflecting on the theme of human.

-Consequently should lead to socialization, emancipation and return to labor market.

  • For artists, trainers, teachers and staff

-New motivation, enrichment of artistic way to teach and to learn

-A social and creative enrichment and a new impulse in a quite special working situation.

-A new horizon of action and new artistic skills, through the exchanges with partners and contacts with other mentally disabled persons.

– Develop a greater understanding of the role of creativity in the self-restructuring and self-healing abilities of human nature.

-This experience will also broad the social and human competences to teach.

-Benefit of an international network between artists, artistic structures and organization for handicapped people, trainers and teachers.

  • For each participant, the public and everyone involved in the project

-Awareness about the artistic abilities of people with disabilities.

-Transformation of a social “state of mind” regarding the handicap: Through the art, the weakness can be turned into a force.

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