Lithuanie: Musical part

Lithuanie, june 2011: Decision about the musical part of the end-performance

During our visit in Lithuania, we have decided the several aspects of  the musical part of our end performance project. We have seen different musical  work from the target groups, we have experienced together some songs and some instruments,  we have heard also some different kind of traditional music and songs from the host partner. From all these experiences, we decided to include in our performance project:

– Recording of several instrumental music and traditional instruments

-Recording of one special work only with voices (traditional music)

-Recording made inside the group of partners, during the music therapy session

-A live interpretation of the song “lalala…” by one of the learner in the target group.

Henrique Amoedo (artistic director, partner of Portugal) chose also two disabled learners to participate to the last performance: one singer and one dancer from the target group of Lithuania will come in Madeira in 2012 to work with us for the last performance project.

Disabled dancer from "Ventos Pensionatas" Home

Singer from "Ventos Pensionatas" Home

Project coordinator (Sandie Brischler), singer and dancer (target group), artistic dorector (Henrique Amoedo)

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